Tuesday Tips for TL LeadManager: Search Screen (DOBs)

The Search screen within TL LeadManager has several ways to search and filter your prospects and clients.  Today we will start with just one of those to begin our series of posts about The Search Screen, your new best friend.

By using the search screen you can search for leads and their spouses who have upcoming birthdays. Use this to mail out birthday cards or letters encouraging them to re-evaluate or investigate their current insurance options before the prices increase.

Tip: Use the Search Screen to find upcoming birthdays.

Searching for Birthdays

First click  at the top Left.  The search screen will then open.

  • To the right is the DOB Section of the Search Screen.
  • Enter the first date you want to start your search with.
  • Choose the Type from the drop-down menu.  In this example we did a Between search, which triggered the To: Box to allow us to enter in a second, ending date.  You may also choose to search by: = , > , < , >= , or <=
  • In this example we now see everyone who has a birthday starting in October and going through to December.
      • You can filter this even more by adding a day or year date.
  • By selecting the box “Search Spouse DOB?” you will also include the lead’s spouse in your search.
  • After your dates are entered, click the big Search under the DOB choices.
  • All leads with matching criteria will be listed in the Search Result below.
  • Click Select All to highlight the leads, then select what you would like to do with those leads.
  • If you want to view them to contact by phone, click View Selected.  If you would like to send them a letter click Write Letters.  Or if you have birthday cards and need address labels, click Print, then choose the option 5160 to merge their information to an address label.

By searching for leads or clients with upcoming birthdays you can reach them before their prices increase.  You can help them and make the most out of all your leads and clients in TLLM.

If you have any questions, please let us know!  Stay tuned for even more information on using the Search Screen.

~Mandy 🙂


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